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Our main goal in this ministry is to provide for you the most wonderful, beautiful, honorable, and memorable celebration possible. We really do care about you and never would want to be considered a “business”.

Honor Guard Burial at Sea

Honor Guard Burial at Sea, Los Angeles, CAOrganizations like The Last Watch provide burial at sea services to families in Los Angeles, Inglewood, Santa Monica, Long Beach, Glendale, Torrance, Malibu, Compton, Pasadena, and Calabasas, CA. If you are looking for reliable and memorable services, they are a great establishment to call.

Why Choose Burial At Sea?

Burials at sea have become very popular in the recent years, even among people outside military families. There are many advantages to this process and it can make things convenient for friends and family. Here’s a look at the advantages of military sea burial:

  • A Noble End – Sea burial is a noble end for people who have served for decades at sea. It is a symbolic gesture and a great way to honor a person’s profession. While land burials can also be symbolic, there’s just something mysterious and awe-inspiring about the sea that can make the process extra-special.
  • Intimacy and Atmosphere – People who have experienced sea burials always comment on the tranquil atmosphere and heartwarming intimacy of the ceremony. There are fewer people to witness it, especially if it is carried out on the boat. The calm atmosphere ensures family members can bid a poignant farewell to their loved one.
  • Quick Arrangements – It takes much less time to arrange for a military burial at sea than it does to arrange for a land burial. This is mostly because there are fewer things to consider, which can be a relief for grieving families. You don’t have to deal with funeral homes, caskets, catering, vehicles, and other such arrangements. The sea burial happens quickly, without fuss, and still provides everyone involved the comfort they need.
  • Affordable – Most people don’t like to think about money at such a time because it is difficult to put a price tag on the funeral service of a loved one. But affordable services can reduce the burden that sits on a grieving family’s shoulders. Military sea burials are more affordable than land burials, especially if you choose a non-profit organization to handle the service. Non-profits use the money donated during these sea burials to help military families. This is a dual benefit as you can have a beautiful service and aid a family in need as well.
  • The Honor Guard – The Honor Guard service includes guards, a flag-folding ceremony, and a 21-rifle volley, music, readings by family, and even playing taps. This service gives the funeral a stately vibe and helps honor individuals that have served the country.

Organizations like The Last Watch perform these services with dignity and compassion, making sure the ceremony is memorable for everyone who attends. If you want your loved one’s final journey to be remarkable, choose the right service provider.


Military Scattering Ashes at Sea

For the State of California, the Secretary of State and Attorney General, Department of Justice, and Department of Consumer Affairs have awarded a non-profit, public benefit, charitable trust designation to The Last Watch Foundation to provide funeral services to help the Military and their families. We are the only organization in the United States to be awarded this honor. The State has also given us license to perform the scattering of ashes at sea. If a donation to The Last Watch is ever received, those funds are deposited directly into The Last Watch Foundation.